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Fearless Ladies

Dayton, OH

Fearless Ladies is an organization that offers leadership development, provides various workshops, one on one coaching, and so much more. Their mission is to help ladies all around the world to become the best version of themselves, confidently and unapologetically! To start your fearless journey and to learn more about the organization, click the Fearless button!


Mimi's Soul Food

Detroit, MI

It's time for you to check out the best catering company in MI, Mimi's Soul Food! Here to provide catering for all your needs. Any event, Ms. Mimi got you covered. Book her today!


Goddess Beads

Detroit, MI

Goddess Beads centers its values around women empowerment, self positivity, and awareness through body adornments. Specializing in custom handmade waist bead creations for all sizes, their mission is to be intentional with every piece created to help heighten self esteem, and enhance connections with your body! To learn more, click the Goddess Beads button!

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Crowned Heir & Co

Jacksonville, FL

Crowned Heir & Co is a hair care brand that formulates products with natural-based ingredients and cold pressed oils to help promote a healthy scalp environment. Crowned Heir & Co is dedicated to formulating restorative hair products that will not only promote optimal results but encourage confidence in our customers. Get some today!

Kendra Williams 

Kendra Williams is the CEO of Worthy of Grace LLC. It is a life coaching company that is
dedicated to empowering women to rediscover their brilliance and become the best version of
themselves. The company focuses on helping women heal from past relationships, whether it
be romantic relationships or other forms of relationships that may have left emotional scars. The
aim is to provide women with the tools and support they need to overcome the challenges of
their past and move forward with confidence, self-love, and a renewed sense of purpose.


Author Susan H. Hines

Atlanta, GA

"Buckley Is a Busy Boy" by Susan Hines is a creative journey of enjoyment and learning. In this easy to read short tale, there are many life lessons Buckley must learn. A great book for children ages 5 and up! Order them a copy today!! Click the button to do so!

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The Modern Woman Network

Kendra is excited to announce you can now see her featured The Modern Woman’s Network
(TMWN) on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV, and Android TV. On her network she
will be connecting with a global audience talking about purpose, vision, and freedom.


Sacred Blossom Holistic Healing

Burmingham, AL

Sacred Blossom Holistic Healing provides Doula services, Yoni Steaming, teas, etc. Servicing woman and men! Learn more about us today by clicking the Sacred button!


Bud Scoop

Detroit, MI

Bud Scoop is a smoking accessory company based in MI. Specializing in using resin to create their products, Bud Scoop is known for their custom trays, ashtrays, grinders, and jars. Click the Bud Scoop button to learn more about them.

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Faith Steppers Tax Academy

Atlanta, GA

Faith Steppers Tax Academy is your one stop shop all purpose tax institution. Specializing in Tax preparation training and services, as well as tax business start up training, they're here to provide you with all of your tax and credit repair needs. 


Juneteenth Black Empowerment Pop up Shop

Redford, MI

Join Total Entertainment Radio and Hot 107.5's Tee Two Times, at the Juneteenth Black Empowerment Pop up Shop. June 17th from 12-4pm. There will be a food drive for Gleaners food bank and toiletries drive for Capuchin Soup Kitchen. To become a vendor or for more information just click the button!


Boujee Chiccs Beautique

Miami, FL

Boujee Chiccs Beautique is a black owned custom handmade nail designer company, specializing in handmade custom press on nails. Using top of the line gel polishes, and ginuine Swaroviski crystals, Owner Andrea Burns makes sure your custom press on nails luxurious, affordable and super high quality. To sign up for email notifications, click the Boujee Button!

Be Angie Beads

Detroit, MI

Be Angie Beads is a black owned business ran by twin sisters, specializing in custom handmade jewelry for women, that offers a positive reflection of their bodies.   This company was built on the struggles of one sister's diagnosis of gastroparisis, that left scars on her midsection. Because of this, the sisters were inspired to create body jewelry to help build self confidence. Click the button to purchase your very own piece of confidence. 

Lovely Burn Crafts

Detroit, MI

Lovely Burn Crafts takes pride in their hand poured candles. Made with 100% eco-friendly soy, they specialize in wax melts, candles, and flameless wax warmers. Sending your nose on a lovely journey. Click the Lovely Burn Crafts button to find out more and order your very own candle!


Unik I Am

Detroit, MI

Unik I Am is a brand created to empower and uplift women. Specializing in teaching women that bad decisions and mistakes don't define or confine you. You can be victorious! To learn more about the Unik I Am brand, click the Unik button!


The Worship Company

Detroit, MI

The Worship Company Clothing is a Christian Apparel Brand that specialize in conversation starter clothing that is driven to spark communication about Christ.  Known for their unique and bold designs, their main desire is to draw attention to God. Click the Worship button to find out more. 

Kookie Monster

Detroit, MI

Kookie Monster has been blessing the city with its delicious cookies since 2020! Specializing in handmade gourmet cookies, with over 28 flavors, Kookie monster cookies are made with fresh ingredients and a whole lotta love. Try them today! Click the monster button to order your very own for pickup or delivery. 

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