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From Under A Bridge

Tuscaloosa, AL

Author Blossom Rogers brings you the inspiring story of her life in this new documentary titled " From Under A Bridge." Filled with adversities, breakthroughs and trials and tribulations, This documentary shows you how this woman of God was able to overcome her past and live to tell her story.  Enjoy the short clip and Click the Under a Bridge button to  find out more!



Detroit, MI

YRBEAUTIFUL2 is owned by Ms. Tiffany of MI. Specializing in organic oils for men and women, she also offers organic bath salts, lashes, lash pens, and freestyle bracelets. Click the YRBEAUTIFUL2 button to find out more!

Author Susan H. Hines

Atlanta, GA

"Buckley Is a Busy Boy" by Susan Hines is a creative journey of enjoyment and learning. In this easy to read short tale, there are many life lessons Buckley must learn. A great book for children ages 5 and up! Order them a copy today!! Click the button to do so!


Sacred Blossom Holistic Healing

Burmingham, AL

Sacred Blossom Holistic Healing provides Doula services, Yoni Steaming, teas, etc. Servicing woman and men! Learn more about us today by clicking the Sacred button!

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Faith Steppers Tax Academy

Atlanta, GA

Faith Steppers Tax Academy is your one stop shop all purpose tax institution. Specializing in Tax preparation training and services, as well as tax business start up training, they're here to provide you with all of your tax and credit repair needs. 


Credible Tax Service

Detroit, MI

Credible Tax Services specializes in all things tax. They are offering classes to show you everything you need to know about filing your personal and business taxes as well as offer an opportunity to run your very own tax business if you're interested! Click the Credible Tax service button to learn more!


Boujee Chiccs Beautique

Miami, FL

Boujee Chiccs Beautique is a black owned custom handmade nail designer company, specializing in handmade custom press on nails. Using top of the line gel polishes, and ginuine Swaroviski crystals, Owner Andrea Burns makes sure your custom press on nails luxurious, affordable and super high quality. To sign up for email notifications, click the Boujee Button!


Jahzara's Kouture

Detroit, MI

Jahzara's Kouture specializes in handmade Skin care products such as body butters, body oils and body scrubs. This business is inspired by the owner's son, who has eczema. The products sold here, are the same products used to heal his skin. All products are made from scratch and are original. Click the Jahzara's Kouture button to learn more! 


Unik I Am

Detroit, MI

Unik I Am is a brand created to empower and uplift women. Specializing in teaching women that bad decisions and mistakes don't define or confine you. You can be victorious! To learn more about the Unik I Am brand, click the Unik button!

Kookie Monster Black Logo.png

Kookie Monster

Detroit, MI

Kookie Monster has been blessing the city with its delicious cookies since 2020! Specializing in handmade gourmet cookies, with over 28 flavors, Kookie monster cookies are made with fresh ingredients and a whole lotta love. Try them today! Click the monster button to order your very own for pickup or delivery. 


The Johnson Leadership Group

Clarksville, MD

The Johnson Leadership Group is a company that specializes in equipping you with the necessary tools to improve your business and personal life by providing customized leadership strategy workshops, visual seminars, in group settings, and one on one's that strategically outline important facts that you will be able to utilize throughout your day to day  routine. 


The Worship Company

Detroit, MI

The Worship Company Clothing is a Christian Apparel Brand that specialize in conversation starter clothing that is driven to spark communication about Christ.  Known for their unique and bold designs, their main desire is to draw attention to God. Click the Worship button to find out more. 

drippin wet logo.jpg

Drippin Wet Cosmetics

Detroit, MI

Drippin wet cosmetics specializes in handmade lip gloss and lipstick that has a soft, light weight texture that won't feel sticky or heavy. Their lip products are made with natural ingredients and carefully crafted to provide you with the best look and feel. They also carry creamy lip liner, double end eye liner, and mink eyelashes. Lip balm and lip scrub coming soon! Clip the Drippin wet button to find out  more or order your very own today!

Stephanie logo.jpg

Exeed Financial

Atlanta, GA

Exeed Financial was established in October of 2021. After being able to achieve home ownership and repairing her credit herself, Owner Ebone Stevens, decided to share the information she has learned with you! Specializing in personal credit restoration, Business credit establishment, and financial budget assistance, Exeed financial is here to walk with you on your journey to financial freedom. Click the Exeed financial button to learn more!

Empowering Financial Services

Kissimmee, FL

Empowering Financial Services focuses on educating individuals and families on the benefits of being properly protected, financially. They specialize in providing you with the financial tools that will teach you how to build wealth, eliminate debt and guide you to financial freedom!

Click the empowering button to learn more and sign up today!

A Lil This, A Lil That Personalized Creations

Detroit, MI

A Lil This, A Lil That Personalized Creations offers an array of personalized gifts and decor. Specializing in  handmade custom creations, whatever your heart desires, they can create it. From customized birthday favors and decor, wedding decor and favors, any event you have in mind for that matter,  A Lil this, A Lil that will provide what you need. Also specializing is personalized glasses, mugs, printables such as resumes, business cards, flyers, They are your one stop shop. Click the Lil This, Lil That button to learn more!

A Lil This, A Lil That (1) (1).png

Always Custom Creations

Detroit, MI

Always Custom Creations tailor's treasures just for you based on your ideas. they show their customers how much they're valued by creating personalized items made with love and care, that you can treasure forever! Click the Always Custom button to learn more.  


Girls On Tha Scene Tour

Montgomery, AL

Girls on Tha Scene is an exclusive movement aimed to connect and empower women from across the globe, that are elevating and dominating life. This organization recognizes women that have defeated the odds that's stacked against them and are thriving in their individual element and community. The Tour will be coming to a city near you! Click the On tha Scene button to find out more!

Miss Black USA Tennessee Pageant

Nashville, TN

The Miss Black USA Tennessee Pageant is the preliminary competition to the National Miss Black USA Pageant. Girls and ladies ages 13-45, American descent, have the opportunity to compete for over $150,000 in scholarships and prizes on the national stage.  3 Queens will be crowned December 2023! To learn more or to find out how to be apart, click the Miss Black USA button today!


Katrina Kouture

Detroit, MI

Katrina Kouture boutique purses is known for their signature purses. Founded this year, Katrina Kouture offers luxury purses and sunglasses at an affordable price! Click the Kouture button to check out their beautiful signature collection!


Heavenly Beauty Kueen Boutique

Detroit, MI

Heavenly Beauty Kueen Boutique was founded 2 yrs. ago in Detroit, MI and provides cute, comfy, and classy apparel for the everyday woman. Click the Kueen button to check out the latest styles! 

Logo Finalized.jpg

The Playground Pro

Tampa, FL

The Playground Pro specializes in designing playgrounds for those that seek to have a playground on their property. Both residential designs and commercial designs available. You will be covered from over your head and under toes, with Playground Pro! Click the Playground Pro button to learn more!


Sheep Black Designs ​

Birmingham, AL

"SHEEPBLACK DESIGNS APPAREL BRAND, established by Visual Artist Cherrisse "Res" Colvin in 2021, was created to bring that concept of personalization and connection back to what we choose to wear. Mirroring Life, Art and Fashion together is the goal of SHEEPBLACK. Each design, is created to be a badge of honor that will touch your soul and you will exclaim, "YES " I can relate to that  but I overcame and persevered. Now your wardrobe becomes more than fabric, it becomes your own personal testimonial and conversation piece to others.

Thus creating our tagline





When it comes to protecting your loved ones, life insurance is an important consideration. It may not be the most exciting topic to think about, but it's a critical part of ensuring that your family's financial future is secure. LEARN MORE TODAY!


Sea Of things

Atlanta, GA

Introducing Sea of Things, your ultimate destination for natural health and wellness products that will revolutionize your self-care routine. Say goodbye to synthetic pills and embrace the bountiful benefits of nature. Sea of Things is committed to your well-being, offering 100% natural products free of sugars, additives, and chemicals. To learn more click the Sea Of things button! 


Gifted Handz By Jessica

Birmingham, AL

Gifted Handz by Jessica is your one stop shop for hair braiding. Specializing in all braiding styles, Jessica will make sure you won't be disappointed. She does knotless braids, stitch braids, box braids, French braids, you name it, she does it. She creates wigs for every occasion as well. Click the Gifted Handz button to find out more and to see her work!


Natural Infusions

Trussville/Birmingham, AL

Brianna's Natural Infusions is a black owned Bath and Beauty Company dedicated to making natural skin and hair growth products infused with Essential Oils.  Specializing in Natural/Herbal Soaps, Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs, Sea Salt Scrubs, Whipped Body Butters, Organic Lip Balm, Organic Turmeric Face Cream, Pain Relief Creams, Massage and Roll-On Body Oils, and Home/Auto Essential Oil Air Fresheners. To learn more click the Natural Infusions button! 

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