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We Shine Media Solutions

Atlanta, GA

Have you been dreaming of becoming an author and don’t know how to get started?

Have you published your book and now you’re wondering what to do next? Are you a subject matter expert and looking for a platform to increase your visibility? If you are ready to stand out and shine in your chosen niche,

Click the We Shine Button to meet owner Angela Lewis and learn more!

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Something EveryBODY Kneads

Birmingham, AL

Something EveryBody Kneads provides personalized, therapeutic massage services that cater to the individual needs of the client. Specializing in gentle scar treatments, offering solace and healing to individuals recovering from breast reconstruction, various surgeries and much more. Click the Kneads Button to learn more and book an appointment! 

Buckley's Family Fishing Trip - Book Cover (1).jpg

Author Susan H. Hines

Atlanta, GA

Join Buckley as he explores the outdoors and embarks on exciting journeys with his loving family. Follow along and watch as Buckley learns new skills and overcomes challenges, all while having a blast. Buckley's Family Fishing Trip will ignite your child's love for reading, teaching them to read aloud, discover new rhyming words, and identify sight words"

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Ashe Health & Wellness

Cleveland, OH

Ash Health & Wellness's top priority is to focus on the health and wellness aspect of a business. They start by first, unpacking the issues surrounding health and wellness in regard to your business. Afterwards, the focus shifts to the importance of having a certain mindset when it comes to being able to attack these issues. Accomplishing this, allows for better understanding of your business and may shine light on potential growth opportunities. To learn more, click the Ashe button. 

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Let's Talk Grief

Memphis, TN

Step into the world of Lakecia Lockeridge, the author and grief coach extraordinaire! Get ready to vibe with her soulful show, “Let’s Talk Grief,” where she drops wisdom and realness. Dive deep into her empowering reads, share your story and connect with Lakecia to keep it real, share your truth, heal and grow together! Click the Let's Talk button to find out more!


Facing The Unkown

Brick, NJ

Facing the Unknown: A previvors path to wellness, is a memoir authored by Keisha Brown. She shares her personal journey post-bilateral mastectomy. This book is her offering of insights, coping mechanisms, and self empowerment to previvors, survivors, patients making tough medical decisions, healthcare professionals, support groups, women's health advocacies and much more. To order your copy today or to learn more click the Facing the Unknown button!


Boujee Chiccs Beautique

Miami, FL

Boujee Chiccs Beautique is a black owned custom handmade nail designer company, specializing in handmade custom press on nails. Using top of the line gel polishes, and ginuine Swaroviski crystals, Owner Andrea Burns makes sure your custom press on nails luxurious, affordable and super high quality. To sign up for email notifications, click the Boujee Button!

The Robinson Firm

Dallas/Forth Worth, TX

The Robinson Firm was founded by one of the top personal injury attorneys in Texas. Ricky Robinson specializes in personal injury lawsuits dealing with car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and dog bite accidents. He understands the stress, pain and anxiety that comes along with being injured in an accident and he's here to help you through any situation. For more information click the Robinson Firm button! 

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Skin-A-Tion Holistic Skin

Savannah, GA

Skin-A-Tion Holistic Skin Therapies main priority is to treat, heal, and resolve problematic skin conditions using holistic treatments and education. Specializing in handmade skincare products, at home treatments, and skincare services, they aim to educate their clients on maintaining balance mentally, physically and spiritually. Click the Skination button to learn more!! 

Pretty Little Bastard Child

Newark, DE

Hails from Harlem, NY. She was plagued with a series of deeply traumatic childhood experiences, then a few decades long bout with drug addiction and all the degradation, and dereliction, that comes along with that life. Armed with a will to survive, and a first love of writing to escape, she channeled her challenges into a raw, and candid Memoir. Titled: “Pretty Little Bastard Child." (A Memoir of the Darkness that turned on GODS Light.”) Volume One of a Trilogy that will leave you wondering about your own will to bounce back. (Memoirs of the Darkness that turned on GODS Light).

Meet the Deacon. The Chef. The Author, DANI!

From Rock Bottom to Rock Stars-Co Author:Dr. Patricia Jackson

Nashville, TN

In " From Rock Bottom to Rock Stars" embark on a journey through the depths of human experience and resilience. This anthology showcases the remarkable stories of women who have faced the darkest moments of their lives only to rise triumphantly as shining examples of strength and perseverance. Click the Rock Bottom button to learn more. 


Tax Time Mobile Tax Service

Livonia, MI

Tax Time Mobile Tax Service provides tax preparation services for individuals and small businesses. Specializing in Amendments, self-employment tax, Prior year tax issues, all tax situations are taken care of with Tax Time. Also offering Notary Republic, E-filing services with cash advances and professional personnel services. They have what you need. Click the Tax Time button to find out more! 

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Vexor Hydrographics

Hughesville, MD

Vexor Hydrographics is a custom hydrodipping/hydrographics service that specializes in the process of water transfer printing.
We specialize in dipping items in our graphic film designs into water solutions that will make your item stand out above others! 
We believe in the power of creativity, and want to be able to showcase the lengths of graphic artistry.

The Worship Company

Detroit, MI

The Worship Company Clothing is a Christian Apparel Brand that specialize in conversation starter clothing that is driven to spark communication about Christ.  Known for their unique and bold designs, their main desire is to draw attention to God. Click the Worship button to find out more. 

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Exeed Financial

Atlanta, GA

Exeed Financial was established in October of 2021. After being able to achieve home ownership and repairing her credit herself, Owner Ebone Stevens, decided to share the information she has learned with you! Specializing in personal credit restoration, Business credit establishment, and financial budget assistance, Exeed financial is here to walk with you on your journey to financial freedom. Click the Exeed financial button to learn more!

Time Will Tell: Mayhem in Memphis

New Orleans, LA

Time Will Tell: Mayhem in Memphis unfolds the compelling narrative of Autumn, a resilient young girl, raised amidst the harsh realities of the mean streets of Memphis. Born into adversity, Autumn's life takes an unexpected turn as she faces a series of trials and tribulations that force her to confront the shadows of her past and navigate the uncertain path to her future. Autumn's journey becomes a poignant exploration of survival, strength, and self-discovery. Time Will Tell: Mayhem in Memphis is an emotionally charged tale of strength, redemption, and the indomitable spirit that can rise even from the darkest corners of life.


Always Custom Creations

Detroit, MI

Always Custom Creations tailor's treasures just for you based on your ideas. they show their customers how much they're valued by creating personalized items made with love and care, that you can treasure forever! Click the Always Custom button to learn more.  


Girls On Tha Scene Tour

Montgomery, AL

Girls on Tha Scene is an exclusive movement aimed to connect and empower women from across the globe, that are elevating and dominating life. This organization recognizes women that have defeated the odds that's stacked against them and are thriving in their individual element and community. The Tour will be coming to a city near you! Click the On tha Scene button to find out more!


Cedar Hill, TX

With a focus on delivering top-quality training, iTax Institute has successfully supported the growth of over 400 entrepreneurs. Through our virtual business training courses and personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, we equip you with the essential knowledge, strategies, and tools to thrive in the business world.

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The Playground Pro

Tampa, FL

The Playground Pro specializes in designing playgrounds for those that seek to have a playground on their property. Both residential designs and commercial designs available. You will be covered from over your head and under toes, with Playground Pro! Click the Playground Pro button to learn more!


The T and T Wilson Foundation

Athens, GA

"I am the mother of 2 boys Tyquan and Terrell Wilson they have both moved into their heavenly homes, and now they are my personal guardian angels. In dealing with their death and championing through grief I founded the T and T Foundation in honor of my two boys where we deal with matters of the Heart and Mind" Support the T and T Wilson Foundation TODAY!


Scent of Joy Candle Company

Farmington Hills, MI

Scent of Joy Candle Company is based in Farmington Hills, MI. Specializing in scented candles of all kinds. They believe that each person that purchases a candle should always receive a quality product every time!! Click the Scent of Joy button to find out more! 


Touch of Love Cookies, LLC

Detroit, MI

Touch of love cookies, LLC spreads love and joy with homemade delicious cookies. They are under cottage food law at the moment, and you can find them at a variety of farmer markets, pop-ups, trade shows, Belleville high school football games, Westland Meteors football games, John E. Lawrence jazz concert series in Ypsilanti and now Touch of Love Cookies are available at the Marketplace store located inside Laurel Park Place mall.

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Miss Black USA Tennessee Pageant

Nashville, TN

The Miss Black USA Tennessee Pageant is the preliminary competition to the National Miss Black USA Pageant. Girls and ladies ages 13-45, American descent, have the opportunity to compete for over $150,000 in scholarships and prizes on the national stage.  3 Queens will be crowned December 2023! To learn more or to find out how to be apart, click the Miss Black USA button today!

From Rock Bottom to Rock Star Anthology

Hendersonville, TN

In "From Rock Bottom to Rock Stars," embark on a journey through the depths of human experience and resilience. This anthology showcases the remarkable stories of women who have faced the darkest moments of their lives only to rise triumphantly as shining examples of strength and perseverance.

To order a copy, click the Rock Stars button!



When it comes to protecting your loved ones, life insurance is an important consideration. It may not be the most exciting topic to think about, but it's a critical part of ensuring that your family's financial future is secure. LEARN MORE TODAY!

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Ivy Caldwell

Rochester, NY


I Am Special

This book is about a little girl who knows that she is special and she has the confidence to spread it to others. Her style and boldness are contagious. Get your book today!


Whiff & Nibble

Redford, MI

Whiff and Nibble Novelty Gifts is an online store that offers a delightful array of Realistic food-themed Candles and Soaps, expertly crafted to mimic the appearance and fragrance of your favorite foods.


Natural Infusions

Trussville/Birmingham, AL

Brianna's Natural Infusions is a black owned Bath and Beauty Company dedicated to making natural skin and hair growth products infused with Essential Oils.  Specializing in Natural/Herbal Soaps, Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs, Sea Salt Scrubs, Whipped Body Butters, Organic Lip Balm, Organic Turmeric Face Cream, Pain Relief Creams, Massage and Roll-On Body Oils, and Home/Auto Essential Oil Air Fresheners. To learn more click the Natural Infusions button! 

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Detroit, MI 

RecipeForHappinessLLC brings enjoyment into the bedroom. for any couple that's looking to spice up their love life and add an extra piece of romance to their relationship, RecipeForHappinessLLC has just what you need. To find out more, click the Happiness button!


Knot Your Kloset

Detroit, MI

Explore fresh beginnings and exciting deals. Shop now for your cozy 2024 wardrobe NOW!


RediscovH.E.R Inc.

Sumter, SC

We are dedicated to empowering women to become the best versions of themselves. We provide guidance and support to help women overcome any challenges they may face in life. Our approach is focused on healing the mind, body, and soul.

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Sacred Healing: Mind, Body, Soul

Atlanta, GA

Regina Hutt is a charismatic holistic practitioner and the CEO of Sacred Healing Mind Body Soul. With a passion for empowering individuals on their journey to wellness, Regina is a two-time author and Amazon best seller, known for her insightful works on holistic living and mindfulness.

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Sweet & Chic Events .

Jacksonville, FL


Specializing in single-serving desserts and catering. All desserts are tailored to your style!

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